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Get Your First Uber Ride for Free in Toronto!

Use the code above to get your free Uber promo code which can be used anywhere in Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton.

Uber is a ride sharing service that has taken Toronto by storm.  With its excellent service and prices, it’s the perfect app.  Not to mention the user experience is excellent.  Lose an item?  You can easily contact Uber and they’ll know the exact car you took.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Uber code-

1)  How long of a ride can I get for free?

This code is valid for a ride up to 10$ CAD, which is long enough for anywhere in the downtown area (in fact you’d be surprised at the distance you can travel).  Typically we find that Uber rates are 20-30% lower than taxi rates so this is a pretty lengthy ride.  In Ottawa, the code is for 10$ CAD, which is a very sizeable trip.

2) Where can I use it?

You can use this code for a free ride anywhere in Canada (including Ottawa, Toronto, and most cities in Ontario) , and in fact, anywhere in the world.   Even if you’re in a random town in Australia, you’ll still get a free ride with this uber code.

Note, redemption varies by city based on the offer they’re providing.

3)  How Many People Can I Bring?

As many as the car fits.  Typically the UberX car fits 4 passengers, although sometimes you can get SUVs as well (we get SUVS maybe 30-40 percent of the time when I call an uber).  You can also get an UberXL which is more expensive but is much bigger.

4)  What if I go over the 10$ Limit

It’ll use the 10$, and then charge the rest to your credit card.  So if you go from downtown Toronto to the airport (typically a 30-35$ fare), it’ll end up costing you 5-10$ after the code.

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5) Is This Promo Code Valid in Toronto for 2016

Yep, the code is valid year around.  You’ll be good for the rest of the 2016 with our code.

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